Keep track of venue bookings and availability

If you manage public event venues, you need a reliable and flexible tool to keep track of your confirmed and tentative bookings and the availability of your facilities. ASIMUT lets you easily keep track of bookings many years into the future and progressively add more information as the event approaches.

You can check the graphical overviews to see availability, not only of your main theatres and concert halls, but also of side rooms, dressing rooms etc. A detailed agenda for each location or group of locations is available at a click of the mouse. Your information is always up to date, so when a potential client calls you for availability of your main conference auditorium, you will know real time if it was just booked by one of your colleagues.

On every agenda and overview, each event name, venue name, or person name is a clickable link taking you directly to the agenda for that item.

You can access the information on mobile devices like iPads and smartphones, so even when you are on the road, you will have all relevant information at your finger tips.

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