Planning and managing public events

Working at a concert hall or theatre is a stressful but rewarding job. Many things happen at once and the pressure is on. But when the curtain draws and everything is ready in spite of all odds, you know that due to your efforts, the audience can enjoy the magical experience of a live performance. At ASIMUT software we know that your investment in ASIMUT is justified by the time and trouble you save using it.

With ASIMUT you can schedule and manage arrangements, each consisting of multiple events. You can display the timetable for each arrangement either by date and time or by venue. This makes it easy for all involved to see at a glance what is happening.

Entering and changing arrangement timetables is quick and easy yet extremely flexible. You can make bulk changes just by ticking off multiple events on a list. When you change one aspect of some events, it doesn't mean you override other individual changes you have previously made to one or more of the events.

ASIMUT is equally well suited when planning a large festival or conference or if you are just quickly scheduling a student's public solo recital in the café.

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Powerful event management

  • see real-time graphical overviews for all your venues 
  • create arrangements consisting of multiple events
  • make bulk changes or just change a single detail with one click
  • simplify the communication in your team using info messages and task management
  • create and store documents inside the system

Royal Northern College of Music is a busy concert venue with performances by external artists as well as by college staff and students. We chose ASIMUT because it combines the features we need to manage our concert venues and public events with the advanced timetabling capabilities needed for the academic planning. It was important to us that we would be able to see availability and instantly become aware of clashes when booking students, professors and locations.

Clare Preston-Pollitt, Events Manager
Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester