ASIMUT is easy to implement

Implementing a generic solution to meet specific challenges often becomes difficult and costly. You are forced to buy customisations and extra training to compensate for the initial misfit. Choosing ASIMUT means you get a head start, because it is being developed specifically for schools of performing arts.

From a technical point of view, implementing ASIMUT could not be easier. It is a fully hosted solution and the entire system is web-based. This means you get an extremely stable solution without having to worry about servers, maintenance, and infrastructure. There is nothing to install on individual computers – just start using the system by logging in on the internet from any PC, Mac, or Linux computer.

If your network or internet service provider ever goes down, any cheap portable internet router or smart phone with tethering can get you back online to access your critical information.

Most schools and venues choose to integrate the system into their existing it-infrastructure, but ASIMUT can also be implemented as a stand-alone solution and thus be an excellent first step towards establishing an Intranet.

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IT manager's checklist

  • Fully hosted solution - high availability and no local maintenance
  • Native web application - no client software maintenance
  • Access to competent multilingual helpdesk
  • Integrates with existing systems including student registry systems and ERP systems
  • Scalable to meet demands of both small and very large institutions
  • Compliant with open standards and compatible with major browsers on Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Android, etc.
  • Single sign-on with a wide range of external authentication sources like Microsoft Active Directory, Novell Directory Services, LDAP etc.

Initially we were concerned that we might not be able to integrate the ASIMUT system in our existing IT environment, which is based on Microsoft Sitecore technology and Novell Directory Services, but the people at ASIMUT software did a great job setting up LDAP synchronization. They worked together with the company that created our intranet, to integrate it seamlessly. Although it appears to users as a part of our intranet, it is being hosted by ASIMUT software, and it is running without need for extra support or maintenance overhead.

Niels Augustenborg, Head of Technical Dep.
Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen