Timetabling for schools of performing arts

Running a music academy or theatre school is the ultimate educational planning challenge.

The combination of academic classes, individual tutoring, ensemble rehearsals and performances makes the task of timetabling a school of performing arts much more complex and difficult than timetabling a university faculty or trade school.

Generic timetabling software made for universities or secondary schools often fall short and make a difficult job harder than necessary. You need a tool forged to handle the specific timetabling challenges of a performing arts school.

ASIMUT software was originally conceived at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, and it is being developed in close dialogue with numerous schools of performing arts. It has proven its worth through the years in many different settings: from small exclusive schools with less than a hundred hand picked students to large world famous colleges of music and drama.

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Planning activities here at the Royal Academy of Music is a great puzzle. We are many people working on the timetable at the same time allocating the same rooms, professors and students in different contexts. Not only do we need to cooperate to merge all the pieces into a complete picture, we also have all kinds of special considerations to take into account.

Jette J. Jensen, Timetabling Coordinator
Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus / Aalborg

Enabling you to be flexible

  • Schedule a class for an entire term with a single click.
  • Avoid embarrassing double bookings with comprehensive clash checking.
  • Change any aspect of each event in a recurring class.
  • Easily make very complex bulk changes.
  • Timetable within or across terms as you please.