Store files and documents
related to events the right way

When you are in the business of event management, you want to store and access your documents and files right inside your event management system, not in a separate system or in shared folders. You need to always have the most recent version of a tender, rider, or contract right at hand while still retaining access to older versions.

ASIMUT lets you upload common file types like PDF, Word, Excel, images and drawings along with your event related messages. Whenever you replace a document with a new version, ASIMUT keeps the old version in the archive for reference.

You can also generate various business related documents like tenders, contracts, and invoices directly from ASIMUT, pre-filled with information like venue hire and billable staff hours. The auto generated content can be edited and supplemented prior to saving the final document, so you retain full flexibility to negotiate special deals with individual clients.

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