Empower your team to
communicate and coordinate tasks

When dealing with performing arts, a mere task list just doesn't cut it. You want each member of your team to be proactive and take responsibility. Empower your team to communicate and coordinate tasks in relation to events.

When using ASIMUT to manage your events, you have a messaging and task management system tailor-made for planning and executing multiple public events simultaneously. It is as easy to use as Facebook and extremely efficient at making sure the right people get the right information and stay up-to-date when things change.

Messages relate to one or more events. You can specify a recipient who is immediately notified – also when the message changes. This can be a specific person or group, but it may also be a role in relation to the event, i.e. stage, sound, light, catering etc. This means that you can enter information long before you know who will be dealing with the specific event. Immediately when one or more persons is assigned, they will be alerted to the information they need.

ASIMUT keeps the complete history of all messages relating to an event. You can see at a glance what changed when and who changed it.

You can invite external partners to share information concerning the event. You enter their details including an email address and send them an invitation. Then they can access the information online. It is as simple as that!

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