Mobile interface

Give your students the opportunity to use ASIMUT on their smart phones through a mobile interface, where they can see their agenda, search persons or find and book available locations. The interface is designed to smoothly adjust to smart phone screens, giving ASIMUT an even more flexible touch.

Touch screen kiosks

Implement interactive touch screen kiosks to allow easy access to information and room booking. The attractive touch interface is customised with the logo and colours of your institution. It is modular allowing extensive customisation including display of information from other sources.

Event management tools

Empower your event management with the possibility of adding info messages and attaching files to events, facilitating the communication and the task management across your team. The module also contains an additional overview on events and info messages, working as a personal in-box and to-do list for every user.

iCalendar feed

View your ASIMUT schedule integrated in your personal calendar application (Outlook, Apple iCal, Google Calendar etc.) by subscribing to a live feed from ASIMUT. A step-by-step guide on how to add the feed will be provided in the public interface, and the feed is supported by all major calendar applications.

Managing absence

Students and staff can report absence online and those people affected are automatically notified. When a student reports absence, it is automatically reflected on other participants’ schedules and on attendance registers.

Event CMS

Connect ASIMUT with your website's event calendar, ticket sales system, programme papers etc. by creating an automatical feed. Simply choose the data and the interval for the publication of events from ASIMUT, and the feed will do the rest for you.

Booking reconfirmation

In order to encourage students to cancel bookings they are not going to use, you may require on-location reconfirmation. Students must swipe their card or log into an on-location terminal or their booking is deleted and they are added to a statistic allowing administrators to take action in case of repeated abuse.

Public info displays

Implement airport style public info displays with real time information about upcoming activities. Each area, department or even individual location can have a screen displaying just the relevant information. Info displays are customised with your logo and colours and may include information from other sources.

More modules

We are always developing and improving ASIMUT for you. More add-on modules are on their way and will shortly be available here.