Online room booking

Make the lives of students and professors easier, reduce support staff workload and make the most of existing facilities

Space is always scarce at performing arts schools. ASIMUT lets students and professors easily find and book available rooms online while enforcing room booking rules to ensure fair and equal access.

Students and professors may book rooms and see availability online prior to leaving home. You can set up touch screens to allow them to easily book rooms while on location. You can implement on location reconfirmation of online bookings to avoid rooms left unused due to people not showing up on time.

Room bookings, scheduled classes and public events are all part of the same global calendar. This makes it easy for students and professors to keep track as bookings and scheduled events appear side by side on their personal agenda. It also allows you to better use your facilities by making all rooms available when they are not used for scheduled activities. Compare the cost of implementing ASIMUT to the alternative cost of adding a new building to provide 25% more space for your students and professors.

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At the RCM we are always looking for ways to put our students’ needs in focus and help them achieve the highest levels of artistic excellence. Online room booking and schedule information was at the top of the RCM Student Association’s agenda, so we were delighted when we found ASIMUT.

Nicholas Watkins, Head of ICT
Royal College of Music, London

Flexible room booking rules:

  • Tailor made to suit your school
  • Different schemes for booking quotas
  • Specific rules for each location
  • Specific rules for different groups